13th Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference

The only breastfeeding conference that focuses on the sociocultural, economic, health and political impacts on, and of, women’s infant feeding decisions. The BFIC brings together top researchers and policy makers with on-the-ground practitioners in policy, programs, mother-to-mother support, advocacy, communications and the arts.

At BFIC 2018 we will explore the diversity of experiences and activities related to breastfeeding, chestfeeding, human milk feeding and nurturing. We seek to examine (1) the role of biology, the body, gender, customs, and social context in shaping those experiences, (2) the meanings, complications, pleasures, and significance of different practices and activities in different contexts (3) innovative approaches to supporting caregivers; and (4) social justice, reproductive justice, health equity, and rights approaches to supporting all those who nourish and nurture infants and young children.